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SENZE Blissful Massage Candle - Clove Orange Lavender
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SENZE Blissful Massage Candle - Clove Orange Lavender
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  • Kan även användas som massageolja
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Senze Massage Candle
A feast of botanical treasures in perfect harmony. . .

Indulge your love life with a warm and sensual candle massage. This herbal aphrodisiac is a fine blend of natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts, carefully fragranced with a minute selection of pure essential oils. Light the candle and in moments the air fills with a mist of seductive scents from flowers, herbs and fruits. Once liquefied, the formula transforms into a smooth, nourishing and hydrating massage oil. After 15 - 20 minutes, extinguish the candle and drizzle the melted, warm liquid onto the naked skin and massage. The elegant shape has the perfect angle for pouring without spilling the precious drops. . .

Senze Massage Candle offers more than 36 hours of burn time.

Important! As with all candles, please ensure that you extinguish the candle if you are not in the room. For safety reasons, please extinguish the candle before pouring onto the skin.


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